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This document will provide employers with a highly detailed account of your professional and educational history to decide whether to move you forward to the next step in the hiring process. Formatting your CV is necessary to make your document clear, professional and easy to read.

There are three CV format options to choose from: chronological, functional and combined. To help you create a compelling CV, consider the following background information and examples.

Employers often require a CV when considering applications. This document shares an overview of your career history, education, relevant awards and honors, scholarships, grants, research, projects and publications. Related: What is a CV? A CV may also include professional references, as well as coursework, fieldwork, hobbies and interests relevant to your profession.

You might also choose to add a personal profile that lists your skills and positive attributes to ensure employers have a well-rounded view of your personality and achievements. Contact information. Include your full name, address, phone number and email address.

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Academic history. List all schooling from high school through postdoctoral if applicable. Include the title of the degree you earned, the year you graduated and the name of the school. Professional experience. Include the organization where you worked, the job title, the dates you were employed and a summary of your experience and achievements.

Qualifications and skills.

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Awards and honors. Publications and presentations. For publications, provide a full citation including your co-authors, date, summary, volume, page, DOI number.

For presentations, provide the title, date and venue where you presented. Professional associations. Grants and scholarships. Provide the name of the grant or scholarship, date awarded and the institution that provided the award. Licenses and certifications. Include the name of the license or certificate, the date you earned it and the institution that awarded it.

All three types of CVs should include the above information. The primary difference between formats is the order of these elements. This is the most common type of CV. For a chronological CV, list your academic history and professional experience first after your contact information.

This type of CV focuses largely on your academic and professional experience. A chronological CV is best if you have consistent employment within the same industry, and your work experience displays advancement within your field. Related: Chronological Resume Tips and Examples.

cv format bd doc

This CV format places more emphasis on your skills, awards and honors. If you are writing a functional CV, you should place your relevant skills near the top under your contact information.

In a functional CV, you will allocate more space to your qualifications, skills, awards and honors and less space to your professional experience. Here are the sections you should include:.Easily update your curriculum vitae with a CV template. Choose a template and start filling in your information effortlessly. There's no learning curve, our cv maker is simple and easy. You stand a better chance of a job interview with a professional formatted and stand out curriculum vitae.

Proven simple CV template built to help you no matter which industry you work in. The traditional reverse chronological CV template, which still is a go to favourite by many. A good looking modern CV template, where you effortlessly stand out with an eye-catching yet simple design. A minimalistic and elegant CV template built to focus on your summary right away. Why wouldn't you want to use the best CV templates? We designed our CV templates with you in mind.

You start by choosing a template you like and then simply fill in the blanks. You can switch templates on the fly. It's easy, straightforward and painless. Create a CV, then copy and edit it from your dashboard to match many different job positions. Are you gen X, gen Z, millennial, or a boomer? With our CV templates you are completely covered.

From traditional CV formats to modern CV formats. It doesn't matter what job you're looking for. You'll never look for other CV templates ever again. One or two column templates, it's up to you.

Just pick the template you like and start playing around with the formatting. All content matters. On average recruiters only spend 6 seconds scanning your CV. You get more interviews with a professional CV template.

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Our CV maker cleanly formats the CV template to ensure you don't get rejected by a system or don't get noticed by a recruiter. No flicking around many open windows, making it hard to keep track of your progress. CV is short for curriculum vitae, meaning course of life.

It is a personal document that outlines your professional career and educational level. The academic CV outlines every detail of your scholarly career.

In the rest of the world, a CV is equivalent to the US resume, which you use when you apply for jobs. There are some basic sections of a CV you must include, and in an order that cleanly formats your CV as you make it:. Choose clear, legible fonts with a readable font size such as pt. Our CV templates are already formatted with these standards, so you only have to focus on submitting your data.

Preferably pages, depending on your experience level, and what type of job you apply for. It's better to be concise instead of cramming in forgettable adjectives. Be brief and only add information that is relevant.Make your resume or curriculum vitae CV stand out with one of these free, eye-catching templates and matching cover letters in Word that showcase your skills and work history.

Resumes and Cover Letters. Explore premium templates. Bring your ideas to life with more customizable templates and new creative options when you subscribe to Office Modern resume with QR code. Inverted modern cover letter. Human resources resume. Bold monogram resume. Blue sky cover letter. Green cube cover letter.

Rose suite resume. International infographic resume. Minimalist cover letter. Polished cover letter, designed by MOO. Resume Functional design. Chronological resume. Entry-level resume reference sheet.

Functional resume reference sheet. Resume for internal company transfer. Crisp and clean cover letter, designed by MOO. Resume cover letter for temporary position.

cv format bd doc

Resume Origin theme. Resume Executive design. Chronological resume - CV Modern design.

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Chronological resume Vertical design. Resume Urban theme. Creative resume, designed by MOO. Resume for recent college graduate. Functional resume Blue Line design. Functional resume - CV Traditional design.Sign in or Create Account.

My Bdjobs. Sign In Create Account. Sign in Create Account. Contact Us. Attention should be given to the following matters before preparing your CV:. Generally an employer does not give more than 30 seconds time in looking at a CV briefly. So a CV should be precise and clear. Unnecessary and irrelevant information should be avoided. A CV of a fresher or an inexperienced candidate should not be over one or two pages.

Your CV is the way to promote yourself.

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Therefore, it should be attractive. But color papers or color print should not be used for this purpose. In case of highlighting any information, you can Bold, italicize or underline it. Remember that any type of grammatical or spelling mistake in your CV will create a negative impact in the mind of the employer. It will give the impression that you cannot do any work correctly.

So after preparing your CV, read it intensely and let it checked by somebody who knows correct English. When applying for a particular job announcement, try to customize your CV according to the job requirements.

You need to read the job announcement carefully and make some research on it. For example, if you know the information that the employer can locate the job anywhere in Bangladesh, you may mention the places you have visited and stayed in Bangladesh. Again, when the employer is looking for an Organizer, you can mention the organizing activities you have done in your student life. It will create an additional value in your CV. It is very important that you should give true and correct information in your CV.

You should not give any information that can appear as false the job interview.

cv format bd doc

The following information is to be presented in a CV in an organized way:. Title Career Summary — mostly applicable for the experienced persons. Career objective — mostly applicable for the fresh applicants. You will mention your degrees in education part with the following information. Com Duration of course Name of institutions and board.People are always looking forward to gaining employment.

Even though more people are always looking for employment because they have none, others are always looking to improve their careers by gaining more lucrative and fulfilling jobs than their current ones. The stiff competition makes it very hard to gain as much as credible job interviews.

CV Template – 60+ Free Formats, Samples (Word, PDF)

That, however, cannot and should not be the reason why you fail to get employment, especially if you feel that you are amply qualified. The trick and key to always getting a good job are always in the CV you write and present. A well-researched and curated CV template may be the difference between you failing or succeeding in your job search.

Download Now. An experienced CV Template is a guideline for users to write CVs that need to portray users as vastly and extensively experienced.

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Some jobs strongly require that applicants have a wealth of experience, and this template guides users to display their experience as convincingly as possible. A professional CV Template is a guideline and structured document that can assists individuals to apply for particular jobs in specific professions.

The template carefully guides users to incorporate specific details that always give them a competitive edge over others. An entry-level CV template is a designed plan for writing CVs for jobs which are the lowest level of particular organizations and government. This kind of CV should be written to showcase competences that are ideal for the job description.

Additionally, they should also constitute of additional competencies that may give applicants a competitive edge. An excellently designed entry-level CV template can help applicants to include all the necessary information in the most attractive format possible. A simple CV template is a document prepared to assist people who are unfamiliar with the requirements of writing CVs to draft their first. Some organizations and job requirements demand simplicity, and a simple CV template would be perfect to those applying for such positions.

A CV template for students is a curated guideline for students to make their CVs. Students should understand that their future job search could be made easier if they networked, by spreading their student CVs, to offices where they offer their volunteer services and display impeccable character while they are yet young and innocent. CV templates for students should guide students to write CVs that display passion, potential and impressive character and eagerness.

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You may also like. Resumes Actuarial Resume Templates. Resume Outline Formats. Actuarial Resume Templates.In a competitive job market, we know that creating the perfect CV is a tough task.

That's why we've put together this CV library of best free CV and resume templates from our collection to help you. Each of our professional templates contains placeholder information to inspire you when writing your own curriculum vitae. Alongside our CV examples, we've also included plenty of advice on writing a winning CV that will land you more job interviews.

In our CV writing guidance, we cover what to include in each section, and how to make your UK CV stand out from the crowd. We also answer your FAQS.

MS Word: Create Professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) Download - Resume Template Design Word 2019 AR

Please note: These free templates have been professionally designed in the UK in Microsoft Word format. They are free to download for your personal use in finding a job. You can find our terms of use here. If you find a template that you like, we'd appreciate a review or a 'Facebook Like' and we'd absolutely love it if you shared this page! A General CV template that would suit a wide variety of job roles. A clean, fresh template using the Garamond font, with sample information for a secretary.

This smart design keeps the focus on your info while adding some very subtle style elements. The classic Garamond font is always a winner. This beige themed template features an attractive double border and taupe-coloured headings to divide up the sections for your information. A simple, delightful CV template for a 16 year old using the Garamond font which features smart sections and attractive navy headings.

A neat template for a kitchen porter or kitchen assistant with selected highlights using shaded backgrounds, that allows you to convey lots of information in just a page or two.

The simple format is attractive and spacious. A one-page two-column CV template in Microsoft Word featuring a bold heading, eye catching sub headings and the odd splash of blue. A 2-page free template in Microsoft Word with sample content for a software developer. The simple ATS-friendly layout is easy to edit and work with. A medical themed CV template that is perfect for a nurse, doctor or other medical role within the healthcare team.

Equally, by changing the graphic, the template can be tweaked for most other positions. A super-stylish bartender CV example with a fresh layout and a splash of orange. Focusing heavily on your skills, ideas and personality, the sample content makes this Word template really easy to use and edit. Our fresh cleaner CV includes example content for a cleaner role. This lovely, smart sample CV has bold blue headings with plenty of space, making it easy-to-read.

This Chef CV template has a fresh, simple design with a subtle splash of colour. Created with example content to help you write your own CV, covering various types of roles and experience that a UK chef might have.Where to download high quality professionally created free Microsoft Office Resume and CV templates, sample and layout?

Where to find free Ai and PSD templates? When it comes to CV, there are 2 school of thoughts. First is the graphic type, the other is the office type. Depending on your line of work, having a fancy looking CV with lots of graphics is pointless if you work in the field of IT, Medicine, Military or Industrial related. Your resume is a commercial for your talents, experience, and qualifications.

If this important document is stylish, ordered, and unique, you can maximize your chances of securing an interview. In this recession, a good resume or CV will give you an edge. Give yourself a great chance of landing your dream job by marketing yourself with free resume templates from Adobe Spark, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word.

Do you know Microsoft Office has a whole library of free templates created by the Microsoft Office community and it is available for free? You can download dozens of free Microsoft Office Resume and CV templates following the step by step tutorial as shown below. Years ago, I cold-called a candidate about a new opportunity. It was a big step up from his current role, and he had all the right skills and qualifications. I pressed him on it until he said something that really confused me.

He would have needed a telescope to see the top. He knew what taking the next step in his career meant. More time, travel, and sacrifice. You Do You. These 5 interview tips will help you ace your interview and get the offer. Very useful. Can be used for excellent presentation of resumes that gives good emphasis about the skills and calibre of applicants.

Let me firstly appreciate your endless effort in ensuring potential people like us find d answers to the modern n acceptable Resumes n CVs. A great design. If your looking for a creative CV design but not sure how to do it, leave it to the experts and lets us do it for you.

We have some CV designs optimized for employers at hashtagcv. Your email address will not be published. Office for Mac Templates [ Reply ]. Hatem [ Reply ]. CV Template [ Reply ]. Gajendra kumar [ Reply ].

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Microsoft resume templates and CV templates are available as a free. Kyobe swaibu [ Reply ]. It is great to find your information is valuable for everyone who want good cv. Aquila S. Tarpeh [ Reply ]. Chris [ Reply ]. Nadeem [ Reply ]. Sheela [ Reply ].